181010- Back to CrossFit

I took a week and a half off from CrossFit after I visited the chiropractor and realized how OFF my back and neck really were; plus I got sick at the same time (which I expected).  After several sessions with the chiropractor and a great deep tissue massage, things started to click again.  I missed Friday due to getting the boat ready for a weekend of anchoring out and then I missed Monday.  But my old ass showed up again today, much to the surprise (I’m sure) of the staff.  But they’re really awesome and I integrated right back in.  I think I was about 90% today…..but I used less weight than the  “normal” mens workout and I’m still trying to learn to keep my back straight when prescribed.  But I feel SOOO much better mentally for going back and I’ve made a commitment to keep at it-

If I can go start knocking out CrossFit with my old and broken down body….you can too.


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