Bye Bye Instagram! Keep reading the blog if you want to see Quincy the Great Dane in all her boat dog glory!

I thought putting Quincy the Great Dane on Instagram in all of her moods on the boat would be a neat thing that would attract followers and generate good publicity.  It worked.  I attracted a few followers and generated publicity, but it also distracted me from what I want to put my time into….my blog.  So I’ve permanently erased the Instagram account…hoping people can get their daily or weekly Great Dane fix by just reading or looking at the blog.  So click on…you’ll get some great moods of Quincy- 

It’s morning, ya gonna feed me?
I’m stressed, it’s been a long hot day-
Look close, you’ll see Quincy the Great Dane in the background trying to figure out what’s going on-
Winter’s Coming!

Some will complain they’ve already seen these photos, but what I plan on doing is just putting out a few posts a week with the photos of her that I would have put on Instagram….stick with us and you’ll get some great doggy photos.  This week, Quincy the Boat Dog is going to learn all about the dinghy and what needs to be done to get to shore for her potties, as we’re taking off to anchor for a weekend.  Baby steps, we’re working on it!

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