No excuses, just trying to be a better blogger....but I live on a Sailboat with spotty WI-FI!!!

I’m echoing comments made by the “Opinionated Man” Blog about being a bad blogger due to things life/working on the boat non-stop.  Sometimes I’m a crappy blogger.  I’ve made a pre-New Year’s resolution to be a better blogger from now on….starting today.  My stats are not like his.  My stats have always been low as I’m kind of a blogger who doesn’t really care if you read this or not and I’ve never had that “discovered post” that went viral or anything.  However, I’ve come to realize I’m never really at a loss for material to write about, I just need to sit down and take the time to properly organize my material and edit my photos better.  The nice thing is that I’ve got a great set of followers who read or look at my stuff and a few who give me feedback.

Worked on the boat all week.  Great debate in my little head about varnish or Cetol.  Going to give my teak deck a light sanding and put a layer of teak sealer/protectant down this week.  Going to also do some of the upkeep on the engine she’s been demanding.  My bathrooms stink on the boat and I’m heavily contemplating putting in at least one Airhead.  YES, I could change out all the old lines from the head to the holding tank and that would most likely fix the problem, but it’s a challenge to know I’m literally sleeping on top of a large holding tank.  Windlass and associated woodwork around it is finally done (lots of lessons learned from that one, which I’ll write about).  Stick with us….more to come-

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  1. If that’s what a ‘bad blogger’ is, then I’m one too. Too many days with minimal internet access. Too many things going on in real life. Too many days of just not feeling up to it. Oh well, it is what it is. I would like to have a bigger, better blog. Sometimes I just can’t do what I know I should be doing.

  2. Stop the complaining on your blogging. I actually appreciate your organic style. You are honest, helpful, informative, funny, and well, I’m also in love with your Dane, Quincey. Which, in my opinion, you are overdue with posting for a photo. 😉 Just saying.
    I respect you take the time to post. I have so many drafts waiting to final touches. I am curious how you get it all in – the workout, blogging, being a dad and husband, and boat work.
    Anyhoo – Keep at it – I’m enjoying the reads.

    1. THANK YOU! I needed the pep talk and appreciate it, you sound much like my wife. Dog photos coming soon, like Weds. Turned off the Instagram account and will just post the photos here!

  3. The only “Followers” that matter are the ones who respond to what you write just because, instead of trying to get you to follow them. Here’s to honesty on the web.

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