My new buddy, a 66-pound Bruce in great shape....and it was free!

I didn’t mean to go looting or pillaging….and in fact asked permission first.  But now I’ve got a new buddy. 

That’s right….my new buddy is in fact a fairly new 66-pound Bruce, one of the finest of the older generation of anchors.  This is an original Bruce…not a knock-off that you can find everywhere today.  The original Bruce anchors were produced by Peter Bruce in England for the oil and gas industry, used with success to anchor oil platforms in the North Sea.  Although not great in grassy or weedy bottoms, the Bruce does well enough in other situations and will perform duty as one of our backup anchors on Tulum 5.  Love having backups….especially when they’re FREE.  Old derelict boats are sometimes decommissioned in our Marina…and while a few were here I saw this thing of beauty sitting on the bow of one of the boats.  After getting permission….I made off with this anchor and nothing else.  There wasn’t much else of value to me and the scrapper crew was minutes behind me.  So this was a timely find and I appreciate being able to get hold of it.

I’ve finally finished my Windlass Install and project.  Stay tuned to my 5-part series about Windlass Install for Dummies, cause it’s coming and I might be able to save you a ton of work and headache.

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    1. I think so too. I’m up to 3 good sized anchors and will probably have 4 when we actually get ready to leave. Great to hear from you, more coming soon as I’ve been working my tail off on the boat-

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