Do you read...finding worthy stuff to feed your brain or let all that info get flushed?

I read a lot.  Whether it’s smarter investing, sailing or cruising magazines or blogs, I tend to read and keep magazines that have smart articles or ideas so I can reference them later.  What do you do with all your magazines with great articles?
As our movers were starting to pack up our house….I realized I had saved nearly 5 years worth of sailing magazines under our bed…and not cut out those articles I wanted to keep.  So for the several months we were in our rental (May/June) I made it a nightly habit to do my PMP coursework, write blog posts, take care of the kids and find articles I wanted to keep.  I was basically cutting out articles so I could throw all those old magazines away without wasting the knowledge getting dropped on me.  What do you do with all your old magazines, do you keep the knowledge getting dropped on you by someone who might be a subject matter expert? 

Sampling of magazines on Tulum 5’s salon table.

Eventually I was forced to bring a stack of nearly 50 magazines with me to the boat as I moved in July; but I forced myself to slow down, find the knowledge and get it cut (or ripped) out.  Here’s what some of that looks like:

Articles with folder full of more info-

Since I’m still learning to be mechanical and slowly getting more confident with things here on Tulum, I tend to find the articles that will help shore up my weakest boat stuff or the ones that are just fun and may point us toward places we’ve never been before.  If you look closely you’ll see articles by Heather Francis from the yachtkate blog (who’s a frequent contributor and author for Blue Water Sailing and other magazines) and an article about Nike Steiger from the whitespotpirates blog (beyond awesome pics).  There’s a variety of other articles; classroom learning and kids on boats info, solar and wind charging info, video and blog on a boat and other stuff.  So in closing…..if you do read magazines but simply throw them away, you might consider at least pulling out the info that piqued your interest in the first place.  Or if you already do this….keep it up.

Here’s me, keeping myself occupied (yes, boat bathrooms are tiny)

Parting shot if you’re still reading this post….read a lot I do! 

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-All magazines used in this story were recycled in order to save Mother Earth.

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