After nearly two months of not working out (but not getting toooo fat), I was determined to try something new,,,,,and walked into my first CrossFit “Box” this afternoon.   Since I’m a house-husband working on the boat during the day, I want to take daytime classes but need to take the “on ramp” classes.  This particular box requires the on ramp and I’m glad I’ve started.  There was lots I didn’t know,,,,and it’s a humbling experience to walk into a place with 50 other people and be one of the oldest, fattest people there.  I’m the FNG again.  Just today’s on ramp was one of the hardest workouts I’ve done in years,,,,and it was an instructional period.  I have to attend 5 more of those sessions before they’ll even let me into a real class.  My body’s pretty sore and I’m humbled, but determined to go back.

What have you done for your physical shell lately?


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  1. I just dont put junk in my body. Have not worked out in 12 years but no weight gain because I don’t eat sugar or fried food or junk. I think that is the key that many forget. But good for for jumping back on the horse and doing that crossfit!

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