We’ve had a couple of long weeks with the kids going back to school and me still getting broken into full-time retirement and boat life,,,all at once,,,while also managing a Great Dane.  No excuses, we’ve chosen this for ourselves, but it’s still a bit hectic sometimes.  There’s some expectations that I put on myself as the writer of a travel and sailing adventure blog to live up to the writing, but we’re not always in a position to do that anymore and it’s a team effort now.  So last weekend we met up with our favorite roving reporter (Dr. EMI MD) to check out the Eppig Brewing outdoor beer garden right on the water in Point Loma, Ca, USA.  YES, it’s TOUGH, but someone’s gotta do it in order for this website to review it: Eppig Brewing Company has their larger tasting room and brewery in Northpark, Ca but we love the water, so the outdoor beer garden in Point Loma suits our style and isn’t far from our roving reporter, Dr. EMI MD.  The place is laid back with full access for dogs and kids and a hell of a view- I liked it, the service was fantastic and the beer was very drinkable.  They had water and snacks for the kids and the other folks there were laid back too.  I counted at least 5 dogs on the outdoor patio at one point.  Here’s the inside: 

All in all a great experience, I can’t wait to go hang out there again.  You may have noticed I was off track with my posts last week and have been a bit sporadic.  I have multiple projects going on at once on the boat and I do the parenting thing (mostly happily).  We had the front berth reconfigured to open it up (done), we’re working on the install of a new windless, I’m waiting to install the new outboard motor lift and we’re planning an October trip to Catalina to shake the boat down a bit more.  I look forward to all of this and will be posting about it, but not always in the most logical lineal order (but about 3 times per week).  We’ve continuing to live the water life, now with specific goals in mind to get Tulum ready for sea and get our asses off the dock next year.  I specifically started this blog years before we left on our trip so that I could record and communicate the preparations for a big trip and document family adventure travel at it’s best.  These goals have not changed.  Stick with us as we continue our journey.



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