Hot humid sailboat with maintenance and living challenges doesn't always make for a happy wife,,,,,but we're working on all the challenges.

Good Morning, don’t know where you all are right now,,,,but in the dog days of summer and in the middle of August, San Diego, Ca is unusually hot and humid right now.  Huge summer fires probably don’t help either.  

Even though we live on the boat on the water in a Marina, the boat doesn’t have A/C at all and with all the teak and layout of the boat,,,,she’s warm (read: really hot) downstairs right now.  Be warned if you think this is the life for you,,,,there are challenges that you need to be ready to face,,,,this is one of them.  In the middle of this, we’re working on our boat fridge and freezer- both have decided on their own to be intermittent; so it’s a work in progress and something you need to be prepared to face if you think you want to live the “boat” life.  A boat ISN’T a floating condo,,,,there’s always more work that needs to be done and challenges to be faced.  This week we’re working on starting routine engine and generator oil changes and a chemical engine and generator barnacle/sediment flush (especially due to the age and maintenance state of the engine and generator).  The good thing is that every time I have a professional on the boat to do some of these repairs the first time, I learn the systems and I think I can do it next time if I have to.  The bad thing is that it seems like every professional around San Diego has gotten together and decided they would charge $100 dollars an hour for any work done on a boat,,,,which is quite a huge fee for most boaters.  I’ve decided to swallow the cost every time I have to,,,,,but watch quite closely and take pictures so I can do it again next time.  I also found that my MacBook Pro has video and photo editing software already embedded into it, but I downloaded and started messing around with a collage creator,  CollageFactory Pro.  Seems easy to use and was recommended by the reviews I read online.

I’m working on longer stories as I go and I’ll start using my GoPro to make my own “How To For Boat Dummies” (like me) as soon as I can get all the tech together at once.

For those new followers and those who have stuck with us,,,THANKS.   

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