Constant Maintenance and Improvements on your sailboat, no matter how small, will make a difference in the quality of life now or later.

Sitting here in the cockpit after last night’s full moon on this quiet morning, I started to reflect on posts I’ve written on this blog about improving one boat or the other and how much work me and hotwife have actually put into doing just that- constant improvements on the boat.  These are our boats after all, but this is now our home. It’s a quiet morning here, yesterday with good weather the place was busy and I think maybe folks partied themselves out a bit.  Quincy the Great Dane is exhausted this morning after getting up for her walk and eating breakfast.

In the post below we discussed the Dri-Dek Project, which is done for now but I’ll probably do again for the girls room once Kellyn’s bed project is done; with the carpenters working here on the boat sometime in mid to late August to expand and finalize her bed project for us.  That’s one of my goals from my To-Do List of larger projects in the second post down,,,,,with the other two posts talking about things we did to constantly improve Tulum IV, our first sailboat.  Funny thing is,,,,she’s still on this same dock as us and she has a great new family and owner.  Here on Tulum, the constant upgrades, modernization and improvements continue.  Yesterday I finished putting up the lifelines and netting that I wanted to get up, knowing it would give the Great Dane a visual barrier and probably define her kingdom, making her more comfortable and everyone safer.  I was right.  Wondering down the docks, I had admired another sailboat with plastic lifeline netting that didn’t look stretched and wasn’t sun bleached.  I dislike the look of the sunbleached and stretched rope netting.  The netting is from a company called Resinet and after doing some research on their website to find what I wanted, I ordered it through Amazon .  I also did some research into the UV resistant Zip Ties I would need and ordered them as well.  Here’s a look at that finished project:

The white UV resistant mesh from Resinet cut with scissors with no problems.
Center Cockpit area looking forward, mesh lifelines in place using UV Resistant Zip Ties.

Of course, now that I’ve finished this project, there may be a purist out there who doesn’t like the fact I used zip ties or the plastic netting, but we’ll see how it lasts and make sure to take care of it.  Won’t be perfect, but it works right now.  I’m gonna continue to tick off projects on my list, but some of them are waiting on help from others.

1.  Girls Room:  One of our goals has always been to find a permanent solution for the girls room, knowing it’s not perfect.  KK is sleeping in the coffin birth we made for her, but that won’t go on forever as she grows.  So, mid to late august a boat carpenter is coming in to help us reconstruct some of the that forward V-birth space.  We’re still keeping some of the overhead shelving, but we need to carve out a larger space for her.

2. Windlass:  We’re soon going to have a working windlass.  It’s on the project list.

3. PMCS on engine and generator:  This I can do all by myself, I just need time and space to get this done.  Both the engine and generator need new impellers, new oil and fuel filters, oil changes and general care and feeding.

4. Flexible Solar Panels:  The space on top of the doghouse on top of our cockpit is perfect for 3-4 flexible solar panels.  I’m excited about getting the panels and getting them installed.

5. Working VHF radios:  I’m tired of just having my handheld VHF radio and also want to have that longer range that my mast mounted antenna will give us.  This is a project coming soon-

Some of the rest of my project list is included in the posts below, check them out as all of this is upcoming and we need to knock it out.

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