Hard Lessons in repairs learned every time-

Our fun day sail with friends ended with the bow thruster and engines dying at the same time, while trying to get back in the slip.  We did get the engine turned back on and managed to get her into the slip with no damage,,but lessons learned would come from the weekend.  First, I thought the throttle was to blame for the engine dying as the throttles are older models and might need to be updated.  After buying a new throttle mechanism, I was introduced to the fact that newer throttles won’t fit into the housing,,,and the older model I have is probably working just find.  My mechanic and I started going through the housing,,,,he finding oil on top of the engine and starting to trace it ABOVE us (WTF?).  Turned out there’s a tank of power steering fluid sitting in the cockpit directly above the engine,,and when the engine is running and it’s put under high pressure,,,,things were not tightened down very well and the thing was spraying power steering fluid all over the  inside of the housing,,,,also causing the mystery oil leak over the engine.  The high pressure spraying of power steering fluid may explain why both the engine, the electronics and the bow thruster all shut down at once when there was use of the wheel and movement of the throttle mechanisms, and the engine was running.  I am worried about having power steering fluid residue on electrical connections in the wheelhouse,,,,so a qualified electrician is going to take a look at the whole wiring setup for me,,,,,or I’m gonna be in there cleaning it myself this weekend.  On the same day, crawling around the engine spaces, the mechanic noticed more random water collecting on the gray water tank and the spaces under it,,,,and we traced that water source back to where it came from.  Surprise, surprise, surprise Gomer,,,,no one had bothered to put a line on the out drain coming off the underside of the fridge box, so the condensation and water from the fridge is draining straight down into the bilge spaces.  There was a line on the freezer, but it’s not working right now,,,,so no need to worry about it.  I’ve made another obligatory Home Depot run and gotten the hose I need, I’ll install it early Weds so our fridge can properly drain.  Lastly, I also picked up the hatch above our girls berth, to find that all the screws actually holding it in place were gone,,,,the whole hatch was just sitting there on top nice and pretty.  Over this weekend, I remedied this situation with new larger screws and a bit of work.  One less project,,,,moving onto the other 50.

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