Weekend Sailing (How to find out what’s going to break next)

Taking your cruising sailboat out for day sails before you’ve actually started cruising is a salve to the boat owners pride,,,,you know,,,,getting the boat off the dock makes them feel like a real boat owner,,,with other benefits.  In my case,,,,it allows us to either see what’s about to break next or it allows us to actually break things by using them so we can then go back and fix them,,,,or figure out how to fix them.  Here’s some pics of our last weekend sail,,,,we proved that the big girl (Tulum) could actually sail (she was sold as a motor sailor).

San Diego Bay is busy on a clear sunny day,,,,you have to watch out for things like this and the paddle boarders who decided to come straight across the bay,,,,getting escorted by a friendly police boat.


Going Under the Coronado Bridge

On the way back into the slip, the bow thruster died along with all bridge electronics and the engine died several times, as we were in the Marina and starting our turns to get into our slip.  We made it, but created another opportunity to improve the boat by finding out what’s wrong with it.


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