I’ve now moved the kids to the boat, packed all our stuff out of the rental house and did a decent cleaning. Packed it all into the truck with the dog,,,,,and moved to the boat. It’s been more work than I thought; and way more adjustment on my part than I had imagined. But it’s also a forcing function for both me and hot wife…..getting us to face our own piles of stuff and consumerism and realize we just don’t have room for it all. And the longer I’m on the boat consistently, the more and more I’m fully realizing the enormity of the project list- from engine and generator to small things like teak that needs tending. Such an eye opener when I hear all the folks who tell me they’re thinking of the same thing or would love to live on a boat themselves, but never actually really do it. I hope those folks read this website and realize it’s possible,,,if we can do it, you can do it!

Here’s the last load of stuff, with the Great Dane in there somewhere and as much stuff as possible in the truck.

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