What happens when you run a challenge between beeswax and Team Mclube and get lube in your sail track?

I wanted to coat each of the sail tracks on my sail boat with track lube (old and new school) to find out what worked best.  It was a real challenge,,,,,cause I didn’t realize my main didn’t have in-mast sail track and my mizzen’s in-mast sail track was waaaay too small to get the beeswax bar inside to effectively coat the sail track.  Turned out to be an educational couple of hours.  I went up the main mast part-way to do the sail track challenge, spraying the main’s sail track with Team Mclube Sailkote (a synthetic blend dry lubricant sprayed from a bottle).  I sprayed this by hand on the outer sail track of my main from approx 1/4 of the way up the mast down,,,,so I could easily observe as the sail went up the track this coming weekend.  On the mizzen sail track, I discovered it’s waaay too small to get the bar of beeswax into,,,,so I coated the inside and outside of the inner track the best I could.  Both sails will be raised this weekend and we’ll see how the challenge goes.

I’ll write a separate post about actually going up the mast,,,,but as you can see below, I put my stuff together carefully before I start up the mast (strong habit learned with my days on Joshua Tree Search and Rescue High Angle Team).

Team Mclube and BeesWax Bar in this pic-
Beeswax into the sail track on the mizzen

When’s the last time you lubed your sail track?

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