If you're a male, did you ever have those wonderful dreams in high school (or now) of being totally surrounded by females in your life?

In the old days of wooden sailing ships and the hard men who drove them,,,,there was only one female allowed who wasn’t considered bad luck……

The wooden figurehead on wooden sailing ships was generally a female figure, said to tame the wild seas with her beauty,,,,but figureheads were also warrior figures, eagles, totems, snakes and other creatures.  Google Dictionary defines a figurehead as this: “a carving, typically a bust (or busty) or a full-length figure, set at the prow of an old-fashioned sailing ship“.  Here’s an example of what most people think of a tall ship figurehead:

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What does this have to do with females everywhere on Tulum V ?,,,,well,,,,There’s another female on board now.  I’m surrounded and could not be happier.  Both daughters have moved onto the boat with hotwife, the Great Dane (female) has survived her test weekend on the boat (and we survived too) and I’ve got a new female on Tulum.  That’s right,,,,I picked her out all by myself on Etsy and had her shipped to me just like a mail order bride.  When she got here, I put ALOT of thought into how to mount her,,,and finally came up with a good solution (but not perfect).  After coating her in a good sealant,,,,she was sticky but dried eventually.  After drying and some great ideas for mounting from my local hardware store,,,,I drilled a couple of holes in her backside and used the hardware,,,,she went onto the stainless steel with no problems.  Now,,,,,you purists and perfectionists are going to cry foul when you see her because she is off-set a bit,,,,,but I couldn’t find a better solution with the time and energy I had,,,,,so this the best I could do.  I’ve always wanted a figurehead for Tulum V and when I saw her on Etsy, it was love at first sight.  I should have talked to hotwife first, but I didn’t.  Here’s our forever figurehead and Tulum’s new woman:

Mounting hardware from behind her

Don’t forget our other two girls watching our stern,,,,our little haulout surprises:

I’ve always wanted a boat I could put a figurehead onto,,,and while this mounting job isn’t ideal and isn’t the perfect spot, I think it’s pretty cool for now and we’re gonna leave it till we get used to it.  If it needs a rework,,,,,we’ll do it-










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