Seriously,,,,a Great Dane on a Sailboat?

Yes, seriously, we’re probably derranged or something..

Last weekend was Quincy the Great Dane’s first weekend out of the desert and onto the sailboat.  It was also her first time at a dog park, first experience with saltwater (the ocean) and first time on a sailboat.  All in all, I thought it went exceedingly well.  She got bitten at the marina by another dog,,,,she learned to climb through the safety lines and go walk-about on the docks and she learned how to jump into my bed.  I wasn’t happy over that one!  But, overall, the Great Dane on our sailboat went well.  We’ll see how we do once the boat’s moving,,,,but I think we can adjust,,,,she’s a member of the family!

Here’s some pics:

Surveying the docks from the bow.

Through the galley toward the stern.

Finally down in the cockpit.

But always on watch from the cockpit.

There you go, she survived the night and gets to rest in the salon,,,till I kicked her out back on deck.


Now she gets to get broken into dock life with more exercise and me around more,,,,as I’ll be retired by the time she’s on the boat next.



12 thoughts on “Seriously,,,,a Great Dane on a Sailboat?

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