Does anyone read if you write?

Something I still ask myself and I think some new bloggers often ask others,,,,”if I write on my blog and website,,,,,will anyone read it”?  The answer is hopefully,,,,yes.  But I think the exercise is actually more important than the result,,,,the writing is as important or more important than the result of anyone reading the blog or website.  I was reading an article by Mr. Fatty Goodlander about how he got into writing his books and magazine articles,,and he said he just started banging out ideas on a typewriter,,,,and mailing them.  Eventually, someone actually came back and asked him to write something specific,,,,and he was off and running.  I also read new blog posts by Mr. Charles French’s students.  He does a lot of horror that I have to skip based on my own fears; but his students do a lot of writing online in the form of blogs that they have to start.  What a fantastic way to get into blogging and writing,,,,,that your teacher makes you start writing short stories (which are blogs) online to learn the craft of it.

LF2SF is working to grow as a blog/website and I’m excited that I’ll have more time to spend working on the blog starting mid-july.  We’ve reached out to a number of sponsors already but that end of things is a slow go,,,,,but the blog is growing as we speak.  We’re gonna continue to do things on here the way we’ve always done them,,,,our own way.  There’s a bit of bad language, misspellings, occasional micro-brewery recommendations and of course you can see our style if you check out our pinterest page,,,,but we’re going to continue before, during and after our cruising adventures,,,,cause adventures happen on and off the water.

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