Quick update to my previous book review, as Liz Clark is getting some great press and I wanted to make sure to share it-

A quick update to a previous post from a week or so ago,,,,,my book review of “Swell” by Captain Liz Clark.  Since I wrote that story and her book came out several months ago, she’s gotten some wonderful press in top tier magazines about her story, her book and her sailboat trip.  Make sure to check these stories out in the June/July 2018 Edition of “BoatUS” and the April 2018 Edition of “SAIL” Magazines.

Here’s the book review I wrote: http://livefree2sailfast.com/2018/05/26/lf2sf-book-review-swell-by-captain-liz-clark/

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  1. I’ve watched some of her videos and I agree she is a force in the sailing world. I too look forward to setting my sights on distant shores and high adventure and any lessons others can impart will save us newcomers much hardship as we stumble along down the path others before us have seen fit to shine a light upon. I thank her and others for sharing their hard won wisdom with those who follow.

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