Summer Slog

-The House sold in May.  99% of our stuff went into long-term storage.

-We moved into a much, much smaller rental house until I retire.  (I’m thinking it’s helping the kids get used to much less space and shared heads).

-I retire very soon, meaning I’ll be free to find another job, go cruising, work on my boat or dad-up.

-Once I retire, we’re moving onto the boat as a family,,,,,me, both kids, the dog.  My wife’s there already.

-I’m also trying to keep this website/blog up and concurrently working on my Project Management Professional Certificate (that’s a slog).

-This coming weekend, we’ll introduce Quincy the Great Dane to the docks and a cruising sailboat.  I can’t wait to see all this, we may break out the GoPro for the first time to get some great video and see how to use it.  Pictures of that are going to be great!




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