Whaaa? You have an attack parrot on your boat?

I’m reblogging one of my own stories from one of the other websites I write for; although I wrote this article least year, it will has some merit during the times we live in today.  Don’t take this one way or the other, just read it for what it is- 

As Sailboat Preppers, you might think this is a natural “duh” moment,,,,,of course we’ll have Guns on Boats as Sailboat Preppers. This is easy if you’re going to stay in the United States. But it gets MUCH more ……gotta read the article….

via Opening the Debate: Guns on Boats? — Sailing and Cruising: Preppers

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  1. As a veteran I value all that you say about guns. I must admit I have thought a lot about what I will bring if I venture abroad on my future boat, and I’m still not sure how I will proceed. I come at this in a sense of more than just protection, I also feel the need to secure a way of providing a protein source just in case. My 12 gauge shotgun will always be with me but I question the need for my 44 magnum revolver. I don’t think my Windham Weaponry 5.56 is something I must have, nor do I think my Kimber 45 is completely needed. Giving up anything that might keep me safer than nothing is hard to let go of, but it’s a decision I must make before delving into a life abroad.

    1. Forget the veteran side of things, I don’t really speak from that side, but like in my post,,,,taking any of these to a foreign country on a boat may open up a whole can of unexpected worms. Some things to think through, very personal choices.

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