Great pictures and good writing, very eclectic, damn good book

Hotwife doesn’t usually give me the rolly eyes and the knowing “uh huh” for the books I read,,,,I usually get that for the pictures I look at,,,,come read my book review of a great contemporary sailing book- 

Yep, Hotwife took a look at a few of the pictures in the book I was reading, Swell by Captain Liz Clark and gave me the knowing rolly eyes along with some comment like “so that’s why you’re reading that book”.  I had to look up from my reading and make sure she understood what a great book it was,,,,and although I’d glanced at the pictures,,,,I’m not that much of a pig these days,,,I’m respectful of the athleticism of both male and female forms.  Captain Liz Clark is a surfer and water women by any stretch of the imagination and a sailor who’s put on more miles than 90% of the armchair Captain’s combined.  It’s obvious she’s pretty serious about just being out there, even if the book takes pains to make sure you know how chill she wants to be.  Some of the book seems quite airy,,,,as she makes no big deal about meeting Jimmy Buffett and then surfing with him,,,,,like normal people get to do that all the time?

I couldn’t find a soft bound copy on Amazon, so I lugged my hard bound copy of the book all over the British Virgin Islands as I read it, cover to cover.  At 310 pages, I had to reread several sections to make it all work out in my tiny head, it was that good a read.  The book details her boat troubles all over the South Pacific in great and painful detail, but thankfully she finally figured out what happened and it was fixed after several long yard visits.  The book also details a fairly abusive relationship that I could see coming (NO, that’s not me condoning it) but it made for a decent read.  All in all, I loved this book and still have it on the little temporary nightstand beside me.  I appreciate that Liz Clark had the courage to sit down and write some of the details in this book, as some of them even made me a bit squeamish, but they needed to come out.  If you’re looking for a great contemporary sailing read, grab this book and you won’t put it down.  And it has some great photos of a fit, independent young Captain out there doing what the rest of us dream about.

If my review was ok and perhaps peaked your interest (enough that you want to buy the book); do me a favor and click the link below to think about buying it.  If you do buy it from the Amazon link below,,,,I’ll make like,,,,,2 cents,,,,but all those cents add up to something like a beer in about 50 years.  Yep,,,I sold out and monetized like two years ago,,,,I’ve made 32 cents so far!!!!

Swell by Captain Liz Clark 


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