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Downsizing for real, moving out of our beloved house

For some, a house becomes a home, partner, safety blanket and protector; a safe space that’s a man’s castle and a women’s nest.  A week ago on Friday the 11th I watched the last truck leave my house with our furniture and most of our permanent stuff, leaving us what I could load in my truck.  We’ve moved into the rental but the kids are missing the old house.  My youngest has spent most of the years she can remember in that house and the girls had their own bathroom in that house.   But now we’ve moved into our small rental house.  It’s a nice place where we share a bathroom but it has a nice small backyard for Quincy and will suffice until we fully move into the boat.  The house (our old house) has not closed as planned and is now late to close.  Can’t figure out why they couldn’t have gotten it all done before closing.   So, we’re in the rental house, waiting on the old house to close, waiting on me to get retired and then move onto the boat full-time with kids and Great Dane.  And my wife has left on an overseas business trip and I’ve had several complications with my ears,,,so things are pretty lively around here.

Here’s a few pics of our last few days in the old house:

Formal dining room getting packed out.
Packing out, looking through formal living room into formal dining room.
Same space, packed out.
TV room looking into the kitchen, packed out.

My parents are calling this the end of an era, but I think it’s just a natural progression as we move forward in life.  We knew we wouldn’t be staying in our desert abode forever  but we loved out home while we lived there and we had a love/hate relationship with the desert depending on the weather.  Now we move forward:  permanent house- sold (Monday), move into rental house- done, move onto boat and prep it for cruising- upcoming.

We’ll miss our old house, but we look forward to what the future holds.


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