Shit's getting real around the old homestead!!

Wow, you may have noticed some blog silence so far this week, you’ll understand when you see my pics….

I’m not sure what’s harder this week: dealing with the two tiny snack-monster Ninja’s of my own making or dealing with an entire moving crew being in my house during heat that’s spiking up to 102 degrees.  See, the tiny children are only here before and after school, but tonight as they sleep on the floor (cause they have no beds anymore), I had the break the news that the cable has been turned off; so the salve of Disney Junior has gone away permanently.  They’ll now LOVE their Grandparents house.  The moving crew who’s been here has been great.  They work hard and have shown only mild discontent when I clearly told the team leader that I could not afford to spring for crew lunches every day as some moving crews seem to expect.  We’re downsizing,,,which means we’re also trying to downsize the bills.  So, LF2SF is putting its money where its mouth is!!! We’re going from 3400 square feet to 900 square feet (for 1.5 months) to roughly 200 square feet on the boat (starting in July).  And we’re taking the Great Dane and two kids on this ride with us!! Should be fun; but it really hit me today emotionally as I watched the crew pack things that my kids have played with for years here in this house and I watched our life so far get distilled into a room full of boxes.   This is ok,,,I’m really happy to be able to put a finger on what I think I really need and what I can live without,,,,,and then tell the movers to pack it!!!  We’re also getting the swamp coolers turned back on and de-winterized and getting the pool shipshape for the new owners,,,,,we close on the 16th.  Best of all,,,,,,we’re already starting to see bills go AWAY,,,,,as the cable is the first utility to get turned off and I really don’t think I need it that much anymore.  I’m pretty happy sitting here on my last night of blogging at my desk in my office with a great glass of Pinot from San Luis Obispo,,,,,thinking through the last three years of working on posts from this same desk.  The next posts will come from the boat this weekend, then from the new rental next week.  Check out our life distilled into boxes below:

Here they are,,,our daily moving crew in their trucks, packing up our house!

When’s the last time you saw your life distilled into a room full of boxes?

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  1. There’s something about letting go of many things by realizing…”I forgot about that” or other such statements. When you boil it right down, the most important things in life have a pulse, and the most important experiences are free.

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