A sad end to a fun place.

Yep, we had to pay our respects to an old haunt…

For those who visited the BVI prior to Irma (and had some pirate in them somewhere); a visit to the William Thornton (Willie-T) at the Bight on Norman Island was a mandatory stop.  For those of you who don’t know, Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands is said to be the inspiration for Robert Luis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” the book; with rumors of gold and silver still persisting today about the island.  But I digress.  The Willie-T in its day had a fabulous reputation for a bit of skullduggery, as you might easily see naked breasts and other parts coming off the stern of the ship (bar) in order to win themselves a free T-shirt.  The Willie-T was a floating bar with a dinghy dock beside it and a very greasy spoon of a restaurant on one end.  The other end was a double-decker bar,,,where you got free drinks if you let the bartenders tattoo your breasts with fake tattoos.  If you were fairly hot,,,,they might even let you behind the bar to help them serve drinks,,,,,I can neither confirm or deny that this ever happened,,,,but it might have.  I also have it on good authority that the bartenders and cooks were a little like pirates, as they slept in the Willie-T’s hold in hammocks  all week, in order to save tip money and live cheaply.  Irma destroyed the Willie-T and I was hoping that the owners would have the new Willie-T up and running when we got there on our little mini-vacation, but it was not to be.  However, we needed to go pay our respects to the old bar and toast her with a drink,,,here’s pics of her on shore:

Willie-T at rest-

Long Live the William Thornton, you can see how Irma mowed over the vegetation in the background.


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