The market is up and down now,,,,have you re-balanced lately?

If you haven’t noticed the stock markets because you just don’t care or you’re too poor to even have stocks or bonds, I understand.  The Bull Market that came crashing into 2018 has cooled and started going into ups and downs,,,,,with lots of market reaction to politics and world events.  This is not a market I like very much,,,,because in my opinion it’s fed by emotion rather than solid financial backing right now.  So,,,I’ve re-balanced.  I’m now pretty clearly focused on buying up cheap stocks with high dividends and keeping them, especially if they pay quarterly or monthly dividends as possible income stocks.  To actually make any money on a dividend stock,,,,you’ve got to have a lot of those stocks and you have to make sure to set your account to reinvest those dividends automatically until you need them,,,,to allow the laws of compounding interest to take hold.  This is pretty cheeky and elegant coming from a blogger you don’t know, writing financial info into a sailing blog,,,,but the most important thing to remember is that there are fairly inexpensive high dividend stocks on the market right now.  This process may take a while,,,,,but you’ve got to become the patient turtle,,,,understanding that your money is slowly making you more money,,,,and not give up because you don’t see enough accruing.  It will, but you need to be patient over time and keep in mind your end state?

Below, you’ll find what was supposed to be the companion post to this one,,,but I’ve now written them fairly far apart.  I realized I had not done this one and now the market has gone a bit haywire,,,,,so I re-balanced and took stock of my stocks,,,,,determined to stay focused on my cruising investment stocks.   You can read the story below for more details on dividend stocks.

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