We're starting our downsize by putting our house up for sale,,,,

Going from a 4 – bedroom/3 – bath house to a sailboat isn’t going to be easy, but we’ve got to start somewhere.  But where? 

If you want to downsize to living on a boat and eventually want to go cruising,,,,where do you start?  For us,,,I think we’ve gotta start by selling our house, getting rid of stuff we don’t need and won’t use again and taking a look at our consumerism overall to start the road to simpler life.  So,,,we started out by getting the house ready to be put on the market.

Quincy the Dog misses her tree that we trimmed a bit and shows you the wall before paint.
The back walls, before paint and TLC.
Same walls, all cleaned up.
Pool concrete getting fresh paint.
The girls painted too!
Prepping the inside bathroom cabinets for fresh varnish. They look much, much better after varnish.
Prepping the bar for varnish too.  SOOO much better now.
Bathroom cabinets after TLC and some fresh paint,,,,what a huge difference. Should have done this 5 years ago!

After all the hard work, we’re ready to put the house up for sale and start looking at moving the family on the boat in the summer.  That’s going to make this dream of ours get real quick,,,,I’m not sure we know what we’re in for,,,,but we’ll find out.



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  1. I concur with you when you commented ‘should have done this 5 years ago?’ Our house never looked as good as it did when we put it on the market.
    Hope your home moves quickly.
    s/v DharmaGirl
    Portland, OR

  2. Bet you sell real quick. How very exciting to be making the dream a reality! I start my refit this weekend and will post pics and story by sunday.

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