Don't really care what you think, I'm starting slow after feeling crappy for a couple months.

I’ve been a bit sidelined since January when both my eardrums burst and I’ve had several visits with ENT to sort out what went wrong.  March brought about the fact that my hearing was not getting better, and I’ve lost about 33% of my original hearing,,,,which was already 19% you do the math.  I got my hearing aids two weeks ago and am still not happy about it.

Got out in the fresh air today to remind my body that I was once a runner again.  Although I did walk to warm up, I ran too.  I did a whole 1.64 miles in 22 minutes.  I’m starting to feel better and knocking this out one step at a time,,,,not really beating myself up too much because I’m starting to run again and getting back into the gym, feeling better overall.  If I can do it,,,you can do it!

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  1. I’m getting ready for the shoulder pain of sanding, sanding and more sanding!

    1. Actually, I like sanding on the boat but hate sanding things around this house. Boat varnish is much different than the crap stuff I bought at Home Depot,,,,really makes a difference.

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