On this special day, no matter your religion, a holiday wish for peace.

A wish from my family to yours, on this special day…

No matter your religion on this special day of the year to Christians, I wish that peace be upon you and your family no matter where you are or what your religion is.  As a man who only wishes for peace; I’ve traveled the world and I know the truth of most cultures.  Most people  just want to eat, have clean water and raise their families in safety.  The myth of cultures who only want violence is UNTRUE and I’ll be happy to break this news to anyone who doubts my word.  I’ve been there and done what you never want to do,,,,so please be careful if you think other cultures just want trouble, most don’t.  Peace be with you and your family on this Christian Holy Day.

My three girls and Quincy the Dog, wishing you a Happy Easter.


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  1. What a great post to read today. I am reading “Fearless” a book about Navy SEALS. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. Thank you for your service.

      1. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply you are one. I’m just reading that book. I only wrote that about the title in case there was another book called Fearless. I knew I didn’t have the full title. I apologize. I only meant that it was wonderful timing to read your post for me.

      2. No apology needed, you didn’t offend me in any way. I’m glad you mentioned it, thank you. No worries, thanks for reading my blog in the first place!

      3. I had to google Servant leader. 🙂 I just remember a comment from Weird Guy with the Dog’s post a long time ago where I thought you’d served. I do apologize. I was sure not implying that you were anything specific. Feel free to delete my comment if you like. I’m sorry.

      4. Hi, you’re worried about nothing. Have you followed him to his new blog, it’s still a great blog and really genuine, he’s a good guy. You have not offended me at all. But,,,,yes, everyone here on the West Coast and in San Diego claims to be a SEAL!

      5. Oh good. I’m happy to hear I didn’t upset you. This book isn’t something I typically read. But, my nephew recommended it to me several years ago and it’s been in my Amazon wish list since. For some reason, the book was calling out to me this last week, so here I am on like page 215. I am finding it interesting to read about things that happened after September 11. I guess it’s a bit easier to read about now, since 16 years have passed.

        I like the book a lot and find myself pulling lessons out of it about perseverance, determination, and faith. Honestly, I never pictured myself reading anything like it. Thankful that my nephew suggested it.

        I’m soooooo glad I didn’t offend you. My husband was in the Coast Guard and I have other family and friends that have served and are serving. Thank you for your kindness.

        PS Who has a blog? The author?

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