Ever thought of running your own boat for a week or so in an exotic location, channeling your inner pirate?
Photo Credit to our roving reporter, Ms. Emmy.

If you’ve ever thought of channeling your inner pirate and crewing your own bareboat in an exotic location somewhere, read on.  We’re NOT chartering experts, but we think we have experience that might help you.  We’re working through the process of doing our another charter;  the first was a bare boat charter in 2011 on a large powerboat and this next one will be a bareboat charter on a catamaran.  We have no catamaran experience but we’re really excited to get it, so we decided to go sail a bareboat for a week or so to get some on-water experience and make a vacation out of it.  For the next three posts and then some more as we approach our charter;  we’ll discuss some of the finer points of actually doing a charter.  Again, we’re not experts but we’ve done a lot of work to get these charters off the ground.  Since the first charter went fairly smoothly in terms of logistics, travel, operating the boat and preparedness; we’ll focus on those areas while also approaching a charter of our own.  Our own charter is less than a month away, so this is relevant information that we’re applying in real life, to our own family charter.  I hope these posts are worthwhile and help inform you if you’re interested in bareboat chartering.

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