How do you judge your blog? What do you get from your blog?

If you write a blog or run a website you probably look at other sites and ask yourself fundamental questions about why you do what you do and what makes your site unique from others?  The genesis of this post is another post I read earlier this week or last by a writer who discussed how few posts she was getting compared to “professional bloggers”.  I was sympathetic and still should be; as blogging is all about putting personal motives in perspective in order to understand yourself and your writing and writing motivations.  Toward the end of the post I mentioned above, this young women mentioned how bummed she was by her recent bad day in terms of overall views,,,,”a mere 70″.   Wow, I was a bit taken aback by this one because 70 views of one post in one day would be like,,,,the best day ever for a tiny micro-blogger like me or some others that I know,,,,but to someone like her or Jason at the Harsh Reality site, this might be a devastating day.   To me though, few views isn’t really something that has a great effect on me, because at the same time I get very few views, I’m having more and more follows,,,,which keeps the blog (and blogger) trucking along.  Looking at other blogs like my friend at jdraymaine, the author had another blog with significantly more followers, but decided he needed a change of pace.  After starting this new blog, only a few of his other followers came with him (although he told them about his new site) and now he’s blogging confidently along on his new site, not worried about views or followers, but putting out the message and content of his choice.  Still other bloggers seem to put out lots of content, but I have to struggle sometimes to find their own voice in the content.  So,,,is my blog better than your bog?  Probably NOT.  But what fundamental question are you trying to answer with your writing,,,,,or are you trying to answer anything at all.  Think through whether you really care about views, stats, followers, comments, meta-data and other metrics of success as a blogger-  MOST of us probably do at some level, but perhaps there really is that blogger out there who cares nothing for this and simply writes.  I hope so, I bet their blog is better than mine.  Also read the post last week from the blogger who writes about the crap she’s taken for a few spelling and grammar errors in some of her posts and the fact she’s been called a “whore and a slut” in the comments section of her blog.  Probably not words I’ll ever use for another blogger,  but I know she cares about those words,,,,but keeps writing whatever content she wants to,,,,,,,cause it’s HER blog.  That’s the point of blogs and posts,,,,,I think.  It’s your content and writing,,,,OWN IT.

For my own blog, I have nothing to prove.  I want it to grow but am less worried about views and stats ect.  I make spelling errors, don’t always have great taglines or web hooks, sometimes curse and write few polished posts.  I love followers who come into conversations and provide solid feedback or are just there.  I have not in this for the monetary gain, political statement or agenda of much of any kind.  I like to write and will try to continue to write solid informational (and occasional fluff) posts about adventure travel, sailing, boats and other like content.  If you’ve just started following like “Unspoken Spree, thecourgettessshortage, MZ, notxjustamum and dray0308”,,,,welcome, thanks for staying with us.

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  1. I started writing my blog for my fiends and family to keep track of me on my travels. It got so bit so fast I freaked out and deleted the domain. I’ve gone thought this process about 5 times and finally gave up when I realized my family wasn’t reading it. I never spend more than 5 or 10 minutes on a blog post and rarely know what I write about, it’s more of an exercise tool

    1. Hi, I never thought of it that way, but using it as a bit of a writing exercise tool is a great point. I like that. Can’t believe you didn’t want a big blog purposefully but I can see how you might feel some pressure from it, I’m glad you’ve stayed mellow and pretty non-commercial- Keep it up. How about BajaHaHa in 2019? Could be a good time-

      1. I was heading that way this year but my auto pilot jumped ship 🙂 I got cut off half way through my comment on you page and lost my thoughts but when you write every day it becomes as natural as breathing. If an editor emails me for copy I can barf out 2-3000 words in an hour or two and get back to my normal routine whatever that is 🙂

      2. Ok, I will. We collect red wine and of course drink red and white. I’ve already googled the winery, gotta get some of the wine and try it!

      3. Or just find me and I’ll pour you a glass 🙂 his wine is everywhere and should be easy to find but his tasting rooms are the shit

      4. I’ll have to find it down here or order the wine. I like places where there’s bikinis rather than parka’s,,,you’re up in the Pacific Northwest I think,,,,too cold for me. But, if you’re ever on another long bike trip and need places to stay, we can hook you up down in San Diego….time to start my move down there soon enough, I retire in July.

      5. Nice, I hope to retire in July as well. You can order right from the winery I think. I’m always riding my bike towards sand Diego in fall but summer are for heading north. Maybe one day I’ll just sail in with a party in tow 🙂

      6. We’ll be here in the fall if you make it down, we’ve got bikes too but we’re more into triathlon when we train for it.

  2. Thanks for the nod and your right. You and I have something to say, even if it’s only viewed by a chosen few. Those few are the people that take the time to actually try to feel what we feel when writing, see what we see when taking pictures. If my blog never grows further I will still write exactly how I feel. Nothing less will do.

  3. Blogging has been an outlet for me, to pour all the emotions piled up inside me. Yes I do care about stats but I don’t let me them get on me too much. I’m also working on a new blog which will act as a platform for bloggers to interact. I haven’t announced it yet on my blog. But would love if you go through it and join in the conversation. Would love some constructive feedback 🙂

    1. It’s already up here :

      Would love your feedback on it 🙂

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