Random Sticker Spotting at Shelter Island Boatyard, made my day!

Prior to de-naming and re-naming Tulum V, we needed to get the old name removed and the new name put on,,,,what a bit of work it was. 

I had no idea getting a new name put on a sailboat could be so hard or so much money, but of course,,,,we had to experience this for ourselves.  Last week after the sale of our new (to us) Aleutian 51 sailboat closed, we wanted to de-name and re-name her properly.  This involves having the old name removed and the new name and hailing port put on the hull, covered and then uncovered for the re-naming and christening.  So, we found a great sign shop right there at Shelter Island Boatyard who could help us do this, Shelter Island Sign Shop.  After an email and quick phone call, they went to the boat but called me back with bad news, the name and hailing port (and names on the bow) had been sprayed on with permanent paint, meaning there was no way to get it off except but having it ground off, possibly to the gel coat.  This would have to be done by a paint shop.  So, a quick phone call to the paint shop resident there at Shelter Island Boatyard set this in motion, the same day.  I called JAG Painting, the same company that had done work on Tulum IV when needed and they confirmed they knew what to do and were available to get this done,,,,at a price.   But, it was basically JAG Painting to the rescue, because if we wanted to rename the boat, we didn’t have much of a choice,,,,,so choose I did and we had the old names and hailing port removed.  This felt like removing a bit of history, because the boat had been named Integrity for at least the last 20+ years,,,,but we needed to make her our own.  After the name was removed, Shelter Island Sign Shop was able to get over to her and get the new name and hailing port put on her.  When working with them, I was also very specific about the fact that I needed the new name and hailing port securely covered, as I could not reveal it to the sea until we had done proper ceremony.  I think this is significant, because the owner of the sign shop specifically commented that I was only the second customer to ever request this, but he thought it was proper.   Wednesday I was down for a medical appointment and decided to get both Shelter Island Sign Shop and JAG Painting paid up for their work, so I went by with checks for both.  Getting in with the owner of JAG Painting; writing him a check and waiting on him to write-up an invoice, I was stoked to look at the door of his small shop and see our sticker on it,,,,,right there in front of me!

So,  JAG Painting in Point Loma definitely gets a “shout-out” on the blog tonight, as they have our sticker on their door!  And, Shelter Island Sign Shop did a fantastic job on the bow and stern names and hailing port for Tulum IV, I love it and you’ll see all this in an upcoming post this week-

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  1. Just in case you don’t see my reply on my website re: SisterShip Magazine – here’s what I wrote:
    Glad to see you are making progress with your new boat – I am following with interest!

    Hi Chad, thanks for your note. SisterShip’s website is http://www.sistershipmagazine.com if you press the follow button or sign up for the newsletter you will be one of the first to know – we are aiming for the end of this month.

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