How we denamed our boat!

Friday night we de-named Integrity;  our new to us sailboat! 

On Friday night we de-named our new (to us) sailboat, formally named Integrity.  Integrity is a 1977 Aleutian 51, having been owned by several different owners, with an interesting history.  I learned more about her from researching the extract (financial paperwork) that came with her, allowing me to learn about her former owners.  I was impressed.  But I had a twinge of guilt de-naming her,,,,,as part of her history was serving as a sail training vessel for California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, California.  It’s ironic and full circle that this is happening to me, as California Maritime Academy was my first choice of college in my youth,,,,but I wasn’t accepted.  This altered my trajectory in life.  Now, I own one of her sail training vessels and am a licensed USCG Master with OUPV/Six Pack Near Coastal Licensing,,,,,something I didn’t really ever see myself doing.   I digress….

Before you chastise me for using cheap rum for the de-naming ceremony or disrespecting the memory of her longtime owner (prior to 2014) who circumnavigated with his wife,,,we didn’t.  I properly respected the customs of the sea by saying a silent prayer for those who had gone before us and using champagne for the ceremony.  We did pour Neptune a large drink from east to west and we did make sure to finish the bottle in the proper custom,,,,without cups!  It was a great night, google a de-naming ceremony to get the rest.  On board with us we had the same two friends who helped us de-name our last sailboat and he was my very first blog follower,,,,and still follows!  Something went right, as we were able to move the boat on Saturday and re-name and christen her.  She’s an older lady with a lean and muscular boat body and good bones.  We’re fitting in with her well.

More on the re-naming and christening in upcoming posts.

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