I’m still here, just had a couple of long weeks as I come out of the fog caused by this massive ear infection and have lots of things going on with the new (to us) boat. We de-name, re-name and christen her this weekend. Should be a fun party, but lots of prep beforehand.

To those who followed this week thanks. Stick with us, I’m feeling better so I’m getting back in the groove-

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  1. Glad you are feeling better, Chad. My husband is just recovering from a really bad chest infection. His ears really hurt on the plane ride.

      1. Oh dear, I need one hearing aid also but am in denial. Hopefully they will improve your life once you get used to them.

      2. I get two in two weeks. So in the last year, I’ve gotten glasses, hearing aids, a CPAP and busted eardrums. But, I’m still as good once as I ever was!

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