Happy Valentines Day,,,,don't be bitter!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone♥-

Good morning,  I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  To those of you who might be a bit bitter- well, I’m a bit bitter too.  My wife lives three hours away from me for work (we’re totally not divorced) and is at work down there on this Valentine’s Day.  To not be bitter about all this, I remember how lucky we are to have a strong relationship and a healthy family.  For holidays like this and last year’s 4th of July when I had to drive home (on 4th of July) because I had to be at work on the morning of the 5th of July and the girls were back in school, we just celebrate the day before or the weekend before,,,,so we always make the best of the situation at hand.  Single folks may refer to this as “Bitter Bitch Day”,,,,(or so some women tell me),,,,but remember it’s not all bad, there’s always a glimmer around the corner.

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If you keep following LF2SF and tell your friends to follow, all of your sailing trips will end up like the one below,,,,have a great Valentines Day wherever you are-

Great ending to any boat trip, land in sight on a clear day-

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