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The San Diego Sunroad Boat Show ran from January 25-28 2018 in San Diego, Ca and although a local show, it was still a blast. 

The San Diego Sunroad Boat Show is more of a “winter” boat show than the San Diego International Boat Show, which happens in Spring/Summer, but it’s still a fun show.  We went to the show on Saturday the 27th, hoping to get on some new boats for design ideas and see affordable used boats.  I was also looking forward to seeing new and emerging technologies that might be highlighted at the show.  The indoor portion of this show is in a massive tent specifically erected for the event, along with some vendors outside the tent and the RIB displays outside the tent.  Inside (indoor portion) we saw the usual suspects from the San Diego area, local vendors and businesses that all have a place in the marine industry.  Some of the vendors we’ve actually used before and I’ve highlighted on this blog, others we just knew from the area.  Vendors like San Diego Boat Mattress, who built the new mattresses for Tulum IV, Christian and Company Yacht Surveyor’s and countless others.  The info below shows you how it’s set up and who was there:

One booth that caught my eye quickly was Electric Yacht of Southern California.

After learning about the set up of electric vice engine power for a sailboat in detail, I came away convinced that we would be seeing these set-ups more and more in all sorts  of boats.  I’ve learned since that we were talking to the owner of the company;  and have since asked for a quote for power equivalent to 120HP.  The quote came back, but I’m not sure we could ever afford that level of equipment.  Moving on, we started heading for the outdoor portion of the show, where I was eager to see used sailboats and look at design improvements on new ones.  Here’s how the setup of the outdoor portion of the show looked like:

We went on board several new sailboats, one used sailboat and just looked at lots more from the dock, as we knew we’d never afford them.  Take a look below at my photo essay as we go through what we saw and I bothered to take pictures of:

First Boat we went on was this big Jeanneau 51. Very clean on deck and very Euro styling below. Such open layouts are really, really nice at dock, but would scare me in a seaway. However,,,,,I’ve never tried it in a seaway, so maybe it works fine.
I did like this combo chart table and couch/sofa, butted up to the chart table. Seems like a good use of space that could be used for multiple things.
Still on the Jeanneau, we liked this table due to the utility of being able to put out a larger table or fold it into this half-smaller version.
Didn’t bother to go on the boat because of the crowds, but this is the stern of a massive 2018 Lagoon 42,  always a crowd pleaser.


One of the few used boats we saw and did go on board. However, just sooo expensive.
Watched this smaller cat get off the docks with admirers on her.

Finally, just can’t go to the boat show without at least looking for the mini-anchors and sand table, always a crowd favorite.   It’s also a favorite of mine and the kids:


Overall, this is a smaller, winter Boat Show in San Diego that always keeps up my motivation in January and allows us to see some of the up and coming technologies on the market today.  We were disappointed that there are not more used boats at these shows, but this is about my only criticism.  I always look forward to this show and the San Diego International Boat Show.  Check out the link below to see our story on San Diego Boat Mattress-

Keep up with us for more big news coming,,,,news that’s good for my OCD!

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  1. Like you I couldn’t afford most things at that show. No, my little boat will be simple, simple simple. Less to break!

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