Aleutian 51 MotorSailor

We’re in the home stretch with negotiations in this boat purchase.  I think this week will tell us whether we buy her or start looking for another one.  I can’t really give you all the details and lessons learned yet,,,,,cause we’re not done.  When we’re done, I’ll be distilling those nuggets so you all learn from our lessons.  She’s either a diamond in the rough,,,,,,or a rough diamond.

Love the fact we have folks following this little blog every day almost.  Thanks and keep reading.


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    1. You can. Go buy a boat,,,,,take the plunge and you’ll learn and grow into it. But a 50 footer might need a larger crew than just you. Find someone who will rub your feet, make your drinks with the umbrellas in them and take you into the sunset!

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