Old and new/updated pain cave,,,,,time to put in my bike time!

I made my wife’s office into my new pain cave.  How can I get away with this,,,and what the hell’s a pain cave?

A Pain Cave is a mindset that athletes get into when they’ve reached the end of their mental capacity to motivate themselves and simply retreat into the hollow of their own mind,,,,putting one foot in front of the other to continue to move forward,,,,,,or it’s a place in your house designated as the workout spot for whatever you do.  Runners set up a room with treadmill, triathletes usually set up their caves with their bike trainers and treadmills.  I only have a bike trainer, but once tried to convince my then girlfriend that us getting an altitude tent around our bed would be great for our endurance,,,,,she said NO,,,but did go on to eventually marry me and become hot wife.  Now, she’s moved to San Diego with her smokin new job,,,,,leaving her perfectly good office to be changed  into my triathlon training PAIN CAVE.

When we moved into the house five years ago, I was totally going to make a corner of the garage into the pain cave, but had no respect for the heat in the summer, the cold in the winter and the variety of creepy crawlies that occasionally call the garage home.  A healthy amount of non-organic poisons have rectified the creepy crawlies situation,,,,but it’s still really damn cold in that garage corner.  Here’s how it looks and was supposed to become the pain cave:

See, kind of dumpy right? And as a single dad, I can’t be in the garage and not be able to hear the kids.

So I decided to do a bit of reorganization and renovation in my wife’s office,,,,she’s not here and doesn’t really need the space.  Here’s how it looked after she cleaned and before I started:

My wife’s old office, before it’s pain cave makeover.

I didn’t do much to it, but after I was done,,,,it just felt like there was a whole new attitude in the office,,,,,making itself into my morning pain cave.  Do you think the kids will like getting awakened to AC/DC?

Pain Cave, no bike there yet. I start thurs morn!

Yes, we sail, adventure travel and are committed to doing 1/2 Ironman Santa Rosa in July.  Keep following, we love your support and feedback.

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