Lost my Virginity Last Night

Lost my virginity last night,,read on to find out how…..

That’s right,,,,I did.  My wife has done it a lot, but I’m a bit more old-fashioned.  I lost my virginity last night,,,,with my first Uber Ride.  What did you think I was going to talk about?-[sicko]  We Ubered for date night since we were responsible enough to know not to drive after a few glasses of the great bottle of wine we were taking with us to dinner, so we Ubered.

My first Uber Ride, here we are pulling away,,,,seconds into losing my Uber Virginity.

Some of you followed the little tantalizing trail in here cause your minds are a bit warped and you wanted to read some private stuff.   Good for you but that kind of thing is going to be far and few between on this blog.  But if you did follow the webhook and it worked, I love it.

We write about adventure travel, family travel, sailing and sailboats mostly on this blog.  We’re working on downsizing our life to move our family onto a cruising sailboat and will work through that process on this blog, over the next 7 months.


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