Buying the right boat isn't always a slam dunk,,,,buyers MUST beware!

Buying the right boat for yourself or your family isn’t always easy or apparent, read on to learn more: 

I’m back.  Right after New Years I came down with a cold that turned into two blown eardrums which are still not healed and now have tiny tubes in them.  The doctors have put me on a new round of antibiotics and I haven’t been able to clear my ears for at least three weeks.  Then, my trusty F-ing computer decided to get really, really slow right after I updated its software and stop powering back on.  To be fair, this is the third different episode of it not powering back on,,,,,but I’ve managed to get it working after several serious verbal threats in the past.  This time, it’s done (and it was 8 years old).  So I’m back in business after listening to advice from JDR (another sailor and blogger I follow) with a new MacBook Pro.  Yeah.  And everything’s working!

To answer your questions, we conducted the survey of the Aleutian 51 on MLK Day (15 Jan) and had a great day.  We did a complete survey, a separate engine survey and a separate rig survey by three different survey experts from the San Diego area.  Things came out of this that made it more complicated and I’ll leave it at that.  We’re working through these things with the owner and the brokerage team- but my advice is that this is why you hire professional surveyor’s!   I’ll get into detail on what we found, what actions we took and where we decided to do in future posts.  I can tell you that I already have Plan B and C in place with several more nice looking sailboats I’ve found including several nice Norseman 447’s in San Diego and a 1987 Hudson Force 50 in the San Francisco area.  For once, I have not fallen in love with a boat or a car to the point I HAVE to acquire it, we’re taking it systematically and slowly in order to find the right boat for us and our family.  This is my sage and sound advice for all of you,,,,if you’re looking for a sailboat, take it slowly enough you find the RIGHT boat, not the perfect boat.

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