“F-ing computer”

Not a big fan of posting anything from my phone,,,,,but some of u have commented in things and followed and continue to read through my posts,,,,,but I’m still here. My computer has taken a dump on me, so slooooww and the battery has finally given up the fight,,,,,for the third time. I think I’ve got to invest in another computer, one I can start learning to use better, do better graphic stuff on and perhaps start editing video. Hot Wife gave me a Go-Pro for Christmas,,,,,this means u guys might get to start seeing some of the dumb shit I do for fun or some really Exciting boat projects like “my fun cleaning the bilges!” I bet you guys would eat that up,,,,huh!

Stay with me, new computer in the next few days! And, if you’re at the San Diego Boat Show next weekend, look for us in our new LF2SF T-Shirts!


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