Ear Infection and Blown Eardrums

The thought has crossed my mind,,,,,”what if LF2SF getting a Blogger Award was so amazing,,,,that’s it’s blown my mind,,,and eardrums”? 

You may have noticed not a lot of posts coming out of this blog since Friday.  Due to pain in my ears, I took myself to the Emergency Room Friday afternoon and was diagnosed with an ear infection.  Coming home, I put myself to bed and didn’t think about much else.  The rest of the weekend, I was literally in bed.  A visit to the clinic monday morning confirmed what my wife had already guessed; sometime over the weekend so much pressure had built up in my inner ears that both of my eardrums had ruptured.  Not only do I have a pretty nasty ear infection, I now have two collapsed eardrums and have lost about 50% of my hearing,,,,,which I’m told should come back.  I have an appointment with a specialist tomorrow and will hopefully get more answers.  So I’m a bit of a Captain Cranky Pants but am becoming more functional every day.

So, I think that LF2SF getting a Blogger Award has literally,,,,blown my mind and eardrums.


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  1. Chad, this is definitely the funniest post on LF2SF yet! Not to make lite of your situation but the Admiral and I had a good laugh. As you may or may not recall, the last time we saw each other I was recovering from a similar situation, just one ear though. The Dr. told me my hearing should return to what it was prior to the infection, I was skeptical but in the end he was right. He could see it had been ruptured multiple times before (ongoing problem with me) but in the end my hearing seems to be just as it was before the recent problems. We are hoping for a full recovery for you and are sending good vibes and thoughts your way.

  2. the good news is that your hearing will return to almost normal..in about six months. I have two broken eardrums…didn’t get them through an infection unfortunately. And it took about six months for my hearing to come back. I only have a bit of trouble in one now. Don’t freak out if you hear the sound of wind in one ear from now on…it’s annoying but better than deafness. Hope you are feeling better.

    1. On my third set of antibiotics and feeling somewhat better. But the hearing has not come back and I have a lot of trouble in crowds anyways, so now it’s worse because I can’t hear that well, but I’m working through it. Since I’ve lost my hearing through medical means and loud noises, they’re not really sure what will come back-

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