A Sea Junk Store that's,,,,,NOT

I thought I was visiting a sea-junk store (my favorite) in San Diego akin to Minneys in Newport, but was soon surprised to find how different the inside was from the outside.   The Sea-Junk Store/Maidhof Bros building in Old Town San Diego isn’t all that impressive; thus I thought it would have great sea junk browsing.  It turns out that once you step through the doors, you are transported to an upscale world of leather and brass straight off ships of a bygone age.  This isn’t a sea-junk store at all, but an upscale boutique experience where you can buy nautical antiques, photographs and an assortment of other curios that force upscale pricing.  Don’t be fooled; if you want a steamer trunk restored from the 1920’s or the binnacle from a steam ship, this would be the right place to come get it.  The folks in the store were friendly and knowledgeable about their trade, but this definitely isn’t the store to come looking for sailboat parts.  I was impressed with the stockage levels in the store (more than 1 of most hard to find items) and the amount of restoration that had obviously gone into some of the pieces.  If you’re looking for a unique collectors piece or a really cool display item, come check out the Sea Junk Store in Old Town, San Diego, Ca.

Here’s a few pictures I took as I wondered around the store: 

The Sea Junk Store in Old Town San Diego, full of high quality unique gifts, curios and display items that are often hard to find unless you know where to look.

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