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Race to 100?

This is a small blog.  I’ve been working on it for several years but have never had a story or photos “go viral” or get the notice I think some of them deserve.  So early last week, I thought through a challenge I wanted to issue to rally folks to give the blog “100 views” on 31 December, hopefully pushing traffic higher and getting the blog noticed.  However, this didn’t materialize.

First, it was simply a kernel of thought in my head that I couldn’t figure out how to discuss without sounding weird or like I was “wanting or begging” for those views or the traffic that might follow.  If I was serious about it, I think I could have presented it logically, but never really got that far.

Second,,,,starting right after Christmas until yesterday, me and the family were out doing the stuff I write about,,,,and I simply didn’t have the time or the energy to get those extra posts done.

Last, I remember some of what I’ve read from other bloggers.  I’ve got a ton of great followers and readers who interact with me on a regular basis and I love that.  I’m going to write what keeps you interested and maybe start watching my videos by mid-summer.  On top of everything else I’ve got going in life, this blog is a creative outlet for me.  I’m not doing it to become a great writer or travel author.  I’m doing it BECAUSE I travel and sail and want to share those experiences.

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