LF2SF checks out Liberty Public Market and the holiday festivities at Liberty Station after seeing Star Wars.

Following our Star Wars experience at the Lot, we wanted to experience the holiday spirit that Liberty Station in Point Loma, Ca is known for during this season.   (Several of the bloggers I follow have had pictures of San Diego on their sites lately and seem to have enjoyed the great fall weather, including Postcards from Kerry and the Hard Reality Blogs.)   So, we headed out on foot during a crisp winter evening, scooting past the pop-up Rady Children’s Hospital Ice Rink 

and headed toward the giant decorated Christmas Tree you can see throughout most of Liberty Station.  Here it is, from several blocks away:

Liberty Station is lit up with Christmas lights and special events throughout this season, choosing to be inclusive with displays for all denominations of religion that celebrate during this season, instead of just focusing on the Christmas theme.  I like that!  Wandering down the central grassy area between what used to be old barracks, we wanted to go check out Liberty Public Market, which we’d never been to before.  As we got closer to the tree, it was much larger than it looked and it’s situated inside the beer garden and wrap around koi pond featured outside of Stone Brewing Bistro and Gardens.  I’ve been there before and have no complaints.   Here’s a closer picture to this giant old tree to get some scale:

We had dinner inside the Liberty Public Marketplace,,,,,except it was pretty overwhelming for me.  The place is basically a giant food court with every kind of gourmet food, desert or ice cream you can think of.  I was very impressed and we were able to find a spot to sit down in where we were able to get great good, a great glass of chardonnay and good people watching.  While me and the girls had gourmet sandwiches, hot wife had some of the best smelling Thai curry I’ve been around in a while.  There’s also coffee, flowers, a very upscale cut to order meat market, fresh fish and a micro-brewery bar inside the place.  I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in town and want to experience some great food and people watching.  The place strongly reminds me of Pike’s Place in Seattle, same kind of energetic and fun heartbeat in the middle of Point Loma, Ca.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from LF2SF.com- 

Be Safe and Warm this Holiday Season.

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