Tucked inside the upscale residential suburb of Rancho Penasquitos just outside of San Diego, California (US) is a hidden secret that only springs to life once a year,,,,,for just a few weeks.  Started in the early 80’s by a handful of residents in the neighborhood, Christmas Card Lane has grown into a more than 10 blocks of Christmas goodness.  Since having kids, we’ve made the trek to Christmas Card on a fairly regular basis, watching it expand and gain popularity as more and more folks come to see the Christmas light and holiday spectacular.  What started as a display of large wooden “Christmas Cards” has taken on a life of its own,,,,with entire houses covered in lights, several houses imitating the “Christmas Vacation” house and numerous other movie themed displays.   I hope this tradition is able to continue and just wonder how long it will be until the city comes in with some regulations or rules for displays.

Here’s some pics to show you the size and scale of what I’m talking about, apologize as they were mostly taken while I was trying to navigate the crowds,,,,while driving.

Can’t see it very well, but in the front yard to the right is an entire train display of large running trains, people come from miles around to see this every year.

On this Christmas Eve, I hope you and your family have a safe, warm and fun holiday season.  I’m so looking forward to 2018, which I think will be a much more fun year.

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