Boat on Sunday

Sunday didn’t start as a day to look at a boat.  But we did…..

Aleutian 51 MotorSailor

After discussing and knowing we were not going to be in San Diego for quite sometime, we settled on the fact we should go back and give the big Aleutian 51 another look just to rule her out, totally, for good.   After a few text exchanges, Sunday wasn’t a good day for any of the brokers,,,,they perhaps wanted a quiet day without clients with tiny loud children.   But,,,,again, the guys at the brokerage came through when they suggested we just go see the boat for ourselves.  So,,,,off we went to take another look at her and rule her out; which turned into not ruling her out,,,,yet.   I’ll show you some pictures to walk you through this boat:

Fine bow with added chafe plates so the anchor doesn’t ruin the bow fiberglass.

Wow, nice back end!!! With another windless and large stern anchors.

Amidships, nice granny bars and grad rails.

Spinaker pole mounted

Heater in the main cabin

Old School Floors, Saltwater foot pump in galley

Right Side of the Galley leading to the Master Suite

Left side of the Galley, with a hatch large enough to pass food or a child through, looking into the cockpit

Washer and Dryer Combo in the Galley

True Keel stepped Mast

Best of ALL,,,,,I found an old-school sight glass on one of the fuel tanks,,,,you don’t see these anymore except on VERY high-end boats,,,,mostly custom done.

There’s no perfect sailboat for what we can afford to pay.  This is the outright truth.  But there are sailboats in which you have to make less compromises than on others and you might get more of the gear you want.  This sailboat isn’t perfect for us.  She’s nearly older than us, she has some challenges with some things, she’s missing a dinghy and outboard engine and the owner is taking some of the equipment off the boat.  But there are things we could make work.  Sailboats are about compromise in some places no matter what.  Sometimes you compromise more money, sometimes you compromise space or comfort.  That’s for you to decide.  If I’m taking my family very far off-shore, we have to weigh things carefully, so that’s what we’re doing.

As we get closer to the new year, I’m getting more excited.  2018 will be a good year and we have lots happening that will get us closer and closer to our goal of cruising.  Stay with us!



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