Looking but not Looky-Loo's, buying a boat for probable blue water cruising can involve lots of important decisions.

Saturday we took the opportunity to go see a sailboat for the 2nd time and called a quick audible……


Saturday we took the opportunity to go see the Wauquiez 43 again,,,,but before seeing it we ran into another boat we wanted to see,,,,and called an audible with our broker to go see her.  Sitting in front of Pizza Nova on the San Diego waterfront, we couldn’t help but notice the pretty lines and great photos online of a 1983 Irwin 46″ on sale with Cabrillo Yacht Sales.   Thank God we have a great broker.  Calling him at the spur of the moment before our appointment, he came down and arranged for us to see the Irwin.  Along with our two tiny kids, we piled on board for a great look.  A nice boat with great room below, it’s a dream boat for a motivated buyer with time on their hands.  Next, we took off to see the 1982 Wauquiez 43 again.  It’s for sale through our broker, Yachtfinders and Windseakers.  We like this boat.  Go through the pictures for yourself and make sure to check out the aft cabin,,,,it’s bigger than the pictures make it out to be.  The rest of the boat looks like it’s in great shape and we spent some great quality time on the boat,,,,,with the kids there all along.  Seeing two boats on a Saturday afternoon was great.  Both boats spurred questions and conversation between me and my wife and ensured that we had things to think through about our boat preferences.  Whether you think so or not,,,,,picking out a boat to take your two tiny kids, wife and large dog onto a very big ocean involves some decisions with some serious consequences.  This blog isn’t just for me to connect with you and vice versa, some of this blog is just me putting my thoughts and plans into writing so I can go back later for the roadmap.  Here’s some more pics I took of the Wauquiez:

Bell to receive the pole, hard to find on sailboats sometimes-
Windless and Anchor Set-Up
Big Rocna on the Bow

Ok,,,,wind is blowing things over outside and my wine is running low,,,,,more later this week.  Stay tuned!

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