A second look at a possible Tulum 5

It’s simple enough.  We were on the docks on Saturday looking at the Aleutian 51 with the owner of Yachtfinders and Windseakers.  He also happened to represent another sailboat I’d seen on the website and we decided to take a second look at it,,,,,cause the first time we had kids with us and couldn’t focus like we wanted to.  Very hard to spell and harder to pronounce, we were taking a second look at a Wauquiez Amphritite 43.  Interestingly enough, hot wife reminded me that the very first boat her and I agreed on and actually surveyed was a Wauquiez Amphritite 45, but the deal fell through and we bought Tulum IV instead.  I didn’t take too many pictures of this boat this time, but I’m planning on going back a third time this coming Saturday and will take more detailed pictures.  You can hit the link above to check her out or google Captain Fatty Goodlander, who writes for Cruising World Magazine and just circumnavigated on the same boat.


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