Great followers during a very long week for me-

Even during this long week for me, you all stuck with me,,,,and in fact the blog added followers,,,,THANKS! 

Since Tulum sold I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut as I’ve been spending more time at home and not on the boat,,,,and then a bit of a busy work week came along this last week; in addition to the kids and I being stuck under the weather.  But, the little blog that could continued to surge along,,,,thank you to everyone for sticking with us.  AND,,,,we even added some more great followers and I really appreciate it!  As we push toward the holidays we’re planning our next land adventure with the kids that we’ll bring to you with photos and stories so you can do them if you choose, as well as looking forward to getting our next and final sailboat to continue our sailing adventures on board.

Stick with us,,,,we’re still working hard toward what’s important to us!


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    1. Yep, we got through Thanksgiving, now just Christmas and New Years. Going to see Tombstone and Grand Canyon between Christmas and New Years, excited. Still jonesing for another boat,,,,,very much looking forward to it-

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