Tulum IV sold to a great new owner- LF2SF isn't done yet, stick with us!
Tulum IV under way in San Diego Bay

On Friday the 17th I signed the last of the paperwork to finalize the sale of Tulum IV,,,,and she sold to a new owner who loves her just as much as we did.  I’ve always been an advocate of the fact that the boat will sell when the right person comes along,,,,all others just seem forced.  And, in this case, I knew during the survey that we had found the right owner.  Without getting into details, the sale was smooth and easy and we simply had to clean her out on Saturday and continue cleaning her on Sunday.  Sunday morning at 0830 we put the new owners lock on the main hatch and stepped off her for the last time.  I miss her already, but it’s time to look forward to what’s next.  For us, this is another step toward Bluewater cruising.  We know we want a slightly larger, older boat with a different berthing and cockpit setup than the last one,,,,and we’re taking our  time to find the right boat.  I’ll discuss the two boats we toured on Sunday in another post, as they were very different but we had a favorite.

As far as now being a sailing blogger without a boat- we still adventure travel as a family and we are looking for another boat, so this is a natural progression.  We continue to work with Yachtfinders and Windseakers in San Diego to find us another suitable boat as their advice so far has been pretty good.

Stay with us as we work through finding the right boat, financing it, buying it and eventually cruising it-


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