Shhhhh, we didn’t tell you all everything about this last week, cause we didn’t want to jinx anything.  We received an offer to buy Tulum IV last week and after some hard negotiating by the  potential new owner,  we accepted the offer.  So, on Veterans Day and the Marine Corps Birthday; the Sea Trial, Haulout and Inspection were conducted on Tulum by a crack surveyor, several boat brokers, the potential new owner and me.  What a great San Diego Day to get out on the water and sail.  Tulum performed like she loved the wind, getting to 7.2 knots in 15 knots of wind under full sail.  I loved it, I think the potential new owner loved it and I think Tulum loved it.

This time, we hauled her out at a boatyard/shipyard in National City, California, close to where we have her slipped, it was really convenient.  She looked good out of the water and seemed to have a great survey.  Here’s some pics:

Out of the water, Inspection Started. Nothing major found during Hull Inspection that I know of-

Below are some of the stories I’ve written throughout this year of having Tulum up for sale about the sales process and the work we’ve put in to get to this point.  I was glad to meet the potential new owner on Veterans Day and I think Tulum IV would be a perfect boat for him and his family.  I hope things work out.

Stay with us as we work through this process-

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